With your permission, I take lots of photos. It helps me track your child’s progress and demonstrates to Ofsted I’m as good as I say I am.

I also like to send parents great pictures of the fun their children are having whilst in my care. I often email odd pictures during the day and I can set up your own Dropbox folder where you can access all the photos I take of your child.

I’m a keen amateur photographer and have taken pictures at several events for my children’s school. This year I took the Year 6 leavers party photos.

As you might expect, I have thousands of photos of my own children but as the main family photographer there are very few with me in. If this sounds familiar to you, you may be interested in an additional service I intend offering shortly. For a small fee I can accompany you and your family to a local park to get some great candid shots of ALL of you. I’m sure you can take a decent photo of your children but wouldn’t you like to be in some of them occasionally?

Here are some family shots I took for my sister recently to demonstrate what I could do for you:IMG_2224IMG_2227 IMG_2252 IMG_2219 IMG_2280 IMG_2234IMG_2248 IMG_2239 

I will also take short video clips of fun and interesting things your child does with me. Again, these will help me gauge your child’s understanding and progress but can also be stitched together into something like this I filmed with my own children recently (note: I will not be taking your child kayaking!).

A short video I did for Jack’s parents from his first week with me. Thanks to them for letting me share it with you.