What do we do?

We play. We read. We sing. We draw. We make. We spend hours in the park. We learn. We have fun.

The day is flexible. That’s the beauty of childminding. Babies and children of all ages will enjoy the timetable. Naps and feeding can fit in almost anywhere but generally, this is what we get up to:

I take the children I look after to a different group every morning for them to engage with other children and play with different toys. Groups don’t usually start until 10am so we’ll often go to the park once the school run (to Raglan) is done. Once at group I don’t leave them to their own devices, I get on the floor and play with them (this is why I wear shorts for at least 8 months of the year). Whilst they need to learn a degree of independence in developing social skills with their peers, I am always available to further engage children in the things they have shown interest in, to help them learn and to encourage that initial interaction with other children.

When we get back from group we’ll have a spot of lunch and those that need it can have an afternoon nap (sadly I don’t get to have one). I have an abundance of toys, books and drawing materials for non nappers and a secure well equipped garden for those that love being outside.

Following the afternoon school run we sometimes go to the park again if the weather and the children are agreeable, otherwise it’s back to the house to play. The glass roof conservatory, where most of the toys are, ensures your child gets a good dose of healthy daylight even if we have to stay indoors.

We’ll usually have tea together at about 5pm.